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Perfectly Undone - Transitioning Your off Shoulder to Fall - MOD&SOUL - Contemporary Women's Clothing

Perfectly Undone - Transitioning Your off Shoulder to Fall

Every girl wants that perfectly undone look without looking like she tried so hard to achieve it. Bad news, it doesn't exist and we can't all be like Beyonce. 

Here are our tips on how to get that perfectly undone look:


1. Opt for a simple dress like our Dani off shoulder dress

We love the dress option because it takes the stress out of putting together an outfit. Stick to a simple pattern, especially as the season heads into cooler temps to ensure that your look commits to the cool "it girl" persona. 

2. Skip the blow out, grab a hair tie 

Ever notice how Gigi, Bella, and Kendall all have perfectly undone hair? That's because they literally did nothing to it! Put down the hot tools and blow dryers and let your naturall tresses free. Better yet tie it up in a low bun and pull out the pieces to frame your face for an effortless boho chic do. 

3. Grab the catch all tassel bag

We really don't care what form it comes in as long as it has a tassel. Tassels on bags just scream "I'm fashionably chic and I didn't try." We love the tassel on bucket bags, satchels, saddle bags,  you name it! As long as there's a tassel we're game. 

4. When in doubt, shade it out

Sunnies aren't just for the sun and hangovers, they are actually a great way to take your simple look up a notch. Nothing is simpler than throwing on a pair of amazing sunglasses to claim your effortlessly chic attitude. 


Switch up the look by adding a denim jacket and bootie. This is the perfect way to transition this off shoulder dress into the fall season! 


The Deets of the Look: 

Dani Off Shoulder Dress

Tassel Crossbody Bag



Until next time.... 



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