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Summer Vacation Inspiration! - MOD&SOUL - Contemporary Women's Clothing

Summer Vacation Inspiration!

Wherever you’re traveling this summer — whether it be to Virginia Beach for a weekend, or Italy for a month — you can almost certainly count on warm weather at your destination. This means that relaxing in a beach town, strolling around NYC, or enjoying the solitude of the mountains will likely call for the same kind of outfit. And though you’ve surely heard it before, you do need to be picky about what you bring—vacation outfits should include your very favorite clothing and nothing less. Aim for versatile pieces that could be appropriate for a range of activities, and really do try to leave the unnecessary items at home (it makes more room for souvenirs, anyway).

Here are some of our favorite pieces for the summer that are perfectly vacation-ready, according to destination. We left out the stuff you already know (pajamas, sunscreen) for the most inspiring packing list you’ve seen.

 For a sophisticated city vacation (like Manhattan or Europe):

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time walking, invest in a pair of shoes that won’t make you want to lay down and never stand back up by the end of the day. This pair is sleek and gives you a lift without the blisters.

Culottes are the perfect option if you’re going to be transitioning from outdoor to indoor all day (AKA from sweating to freezing all day). These are lightweight, stretchy, and look ultra-chic when paired with a crisp, white top.


For a relaxed city vacation (like biking around San Fran, or family time at OBX):

If your itinerary involves more casual, active activities but you’d still like to look your best, try a pair of shorts or a romper that allows for optimal movement.


A crossbody bag is the obvious solution for a hands-free vacation accessory, and this one has an extra detail with the fun tassel.



For a boho beach vacation (like a cruise, or a beach in Cancun):

If nothing else, pack this dress: it’s bold, it’s beautiful, and you’ll feel like a 70’s queen. This floral midi dress is perfect for any activity that isn’t lounging on the beach in a bikini.


Does anything look chicer than a woman wearing jewelry with a bathing suit? Keep it practical with these crystal studs that will dress up your swimwear without keeping you away from the water.



For a nautical beach vacation (like Hilton Head or Cape Cod):

Do we even need to say the word stripes for your suitcase to already be half full of them? Go a little outside of the box and pack some gingham pieces. This romper can be worn over a bathing suit, on a bike ride, out to dinner…you get the idea.


The staple of any successful beach vacation is the perfect tote that fits your speaker, book, sunglasses, sunscreen, and so on, and actually stands up in the sand. This straw bag is the quintessential beach vacation accessory.


For a bold girl’s weekend (like Vegas):

Go outside the box and try this jumpsuit, which is the cooler version of a LBD, perfect for a night out.


Nothing is worse than cutting a night out dancing short because your heels have ruined your feet – make sure that you try a block heel, which provides enough support to keep you going all night. This pair will give you a summery pop of color.




Check out Mod&Soul for more inspiration for wherever you're going this summer!
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