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Styling Wide Leg Pants - MOD&SOUL - Contemporary Women's Clothing

Styling Wide Leg Pants

Wide Linen Pants

The skinny pant style has dominated the fashion marketplace for the past decade and while it's probably not going out of fashion any time soon, a new look has been gaining some recent attention. If you're over the skinny jean and you're looking to add a bit drama to your outfit, the wide leg style is the perfect answer. 

Wide leg pants can be styled in numerous ways. Dress them up with a pair of heels and accessories or keep it casual with a simple tee and flats, the choice is yours! We have been looking to bloggers to get some inspiration on styling this trend and love their looks!


This style can seem a bit intimidating, especially if you're on the shorter side, but here are a few tips to help you style them and look great! 

Proportions are Key - Since all of the volume is on your bottom half, wear a simple and slim fitting top.

Fit Matters - To avoid hiding your figure, the pants should hit at the top of your waist. This will give you a slim middle to balance out the volume of the pants and give the illusion of a longer leg.

Pay Attention to Length - Avoid overwhelming your entire look by making sure the length of your pant fits your body. For a cropped look, the bottom of the pant should hit just below your knee. For a full length look, it should hit a few inches off the ground as to not hide the shoe. 

Few Things to Remember:

Don't: Try not to oversize. A wide leg does not necessarily mean the look is boxy or slouchy. Pick styles that are still flattering on your body and accentuate your figure.

Don't: To create a more polished look, don't choose a loose top since it will create more bulk and hide your waistline. The best thing to do is choose a top that you are able to tuck in.

Don't: Avoid bright colors with your wide leg outfit. Keep the tones neutral and chic, and let the wide leg pant be the statement of the outfit!


Cropped Denim Pants

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