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Feeling Retro - Vintage Inspired Trends We Love! - MOD&SOUL - Contemporary Women's Clothing

Feeling Retro - Vintage Inspired Trends We Love!

Fashion has always been cyclical, and while there are certain trends we hope never rise to the popularity they once claimed (ultra-low-rise jeans of the 2000s, anyone?), we have history to thank for today's best styles. Vintage trends like mules, off-shoulder tops, and bell sleeves from the 60s have been revived in the past year or two. And if you think today's brilliant fashion minds are to thank for styles like the off-shoulder top, read below and think again - their history might surprise you. 


Bell sleeves are a statement feature that lend a retro feel to tops, dresses, and rompers. The style was popularized in the 60s, however, at the height of hippie fashion. Ali Macgraw is pictured below in an outfit that epitomizes trendy 60's clothing: a minidress with bell sleeves and white, knee-high boots. 

Whether you're living the carefree, wanderlust hippie lifestyle or not, you can still channel your inner bohemian with a piece featuring bell sleeves. This top also features smocked detail with an easy stretch and a soft blue color, making it a comfortable, versatile piece for summer. 


If you've been out shopping or on the internet at any point in the last few months, you'll know: off-shoulder items are everywhere. This trend is sticking around, thankfully, due to it's subtle sexiness and versatility. This neckline was popularized back in the 60s thanks to the ever-classic Brigitte Bardot, looking timeless and sophisticated below. It made a resurgence in the 90s, also, showing in the form of tighter styles. 

Today, off-shoulder tops and dresses are showcased in such a range of styles that the variety can almost be overwhelming. Below is the perfect summer top, which combines the trendy off-shoulder feature with small embroidered detail and a sophisticated, crisp white fabric. 


Lastly, a personal favorite vintage resurgence: the mule. Back in the 1960s, the legendary Marilyn Monroe helped to popularize the classic mule, favoring heeled styles over flatter ones. If you're as bold as she was, take a page from her book and rock a pair with your bikini of choice.

If not, wear them with truly anything else: the simplicity and versatility of this shoe is where its beauty lies. Their slip-on design is as easy as it gets, and in a classic red (especially paired with gingham), you'll feel like a true 60s icon. 


Keep an eye out for these retro trends next time you're shopping - the presence of past styles in today's mainstream may surprise you. Head over to Mod&Soul to see more vintage revivals.

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