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Olivia Palermo Style – How does she do it?

We can’t get enough of Olivia’s style!

Olivia Palermo’s style has been featured in several international magazines, including Vogue, and you can no longer look up the word “style” or “fashion” without running into several Pinterest boards featuring with photos of Olivia’s chic street style. She has become a muse for many famous designers, and an absolute style inspiration for women!

So how does she do it? Here are a few tips and tricks that will have you looking and accessorizing like Olivia in no time!

Closet Staples

Olivia told Vogue magazine that she has wardrobe staples she wears all the time.  For example, one of her main staples is a pair of faux leather pants that she has been photographed in multiple times. Note how she styles it completely differently in every picture and every look has a completely different feel to it. She goes from casual to dressy, and from sporty to chic!

Tip: Have a few wardrobe staples and create several outfits around them.


Mixing Prints

Olivia is known for her ability to mix several prints in one outfit. She loves anything from plaid to florals!

Tip: Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns, textures, and prints. The trick is not to look too “costumy”. We suggest taking a photo of yourself in the mixed patterns, or creating a flat lay on the floor, instead of looking in the mirror. A photo can give you a different perspective on the outfit.


Mixing Styles   

Olivia also likes to mix styles. For example, she mixes street style pieces with what she calls “uptown chic” wardrobe. She has an ability to take contemporary clothing and mix it with prints and patterns to create “boho chic” looks. We also see her a lot in sporty pieces that she mixes and matches with romantic accents.

Tip: Mix different styles to create chic street style outfits and create balanced and interesting looks.

Accessories and statement jewelry

Olivia makes sure to always accessorize. She is known to wear statement jewelry, especially statement necklaces. From beaded pieces to beautiful crystal necklaces, she manages to bring out the best in any accessory she wears.

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