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Three Dresses Must Haves

The holidays bring so much joy…and sooo many parties! Parties mean there is a reason to dress up! And speaking of dresses…There are a few dresses a girl has to have in her closet to fit all the 24,567 different occasions. Here are our three main picks!


Romantic, cute, and most of all we always suggest to pick something you feel comfortable in. Pulling, adjusting, and checking the mirror should not be the main activities of the date.

A date dress needs to make you feel like a million bucks. Something with lace detail, pleating,  in combination with a color that compliments your skin tone will work perfectly.

Here is our dress pick for a date night. The combination of the red color, lace, and the pleating detail in the skirt screams vintage and romance.

Pleated Sweetheart Dress by MOD&SOUL

pleated red dress by mod&soul


You can never go wrong with a classic look. Pick an LBD you feel comfortable with, more on the We suggest a classic dress. Not too short. A black midi dress, with a festive pattern or texture works great.

Make Some Noise Dress by MOD&SOUL

black midi dress by mod&soul


And finally an event that you can actually lay back, relax, and shake it all off!

Here are a few outfits we find fitting for a night out with the girls!

Sky Velvet Sequin Dress


Sequin Romper

sequin romper (3).jpg




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