Mod & Soul Rewards

Rewards are easy and free!


Create a quick account or log in, then click on the pink shopping icon on the bottom right of the screen to view and use your points!




Refer a friend! Give $10, earn $10

500 points = $5 off coupon

2000 points = $20 off coupon

3000 points = $30 off coupon 



1. Can I use multiple rewards at once ?

Only one reward coupon can be used per transaction.

2. Where can I earn and use rewards?

Our rewards can be used online and in both of our stores. Make sure to use the same email/login when purchasing items, so you can earn points more quickly.

View your point status by logging in, and redeem your points for an available reward promo code. The promo code can be used at checkout online, or by bringing it to the store.

3. How can I earn more points?

Make sure to sign up for our emails and follow us on social media. We will announce extra point days on our social media and through email!

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