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MLKANHNY Handmade Jewelry

Mlkanhny is a brand focused on designing quality jewelry and objects for the unique woman. Each piece is made by hand by the founder and designer, madison etheridge. She continues to embrace experimentation and new techniques in each collection. In addition, we’re delighted to continue adding to our growing collection of objects for the home.

As a self-taught designer I find myself approaching jewelry making in an un-orthidoxed way. Within the foundation of my designs are a desire to make beautiful things that ultimately the wearer connects with and finds their own personal self-expression. I want to create objects of adornment that are timeless and unique to the wearer. I love creating in a conceptual way where the piece is being designed as I work on it, allowing the materials to speak to me in the moment. Also, I create pieces in a repetitive way that create a consistent texture or formed pattern. Some pieces ask more from the wearer as others are worn with an ease and lightness about them.


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